Friday, 23 March 2012

My knitting is 'Fyne'

After finishing the Big Needle Knitted Throw I wanted a new knitting challenge. I was trawling through my folder where I store all patterns and things of prettiness that I swear blind I'll make one day, umming and ahhing and it jumped out at me. A tank top by Rowan called 'Fyne' and made using Rowan Felted Tweed yarn...

Great... I have my pattern! On a high, as Fair Isle is definately a new challenge for me, off to my knitting box I went and found the right sets of needles - fantastic! now I just needed the yarn :/

So, a few weekends back I poottled off to the nearest Hobbycraft which have quite a large yarn / wool selection. After walking up and down the aisles several times and to my dismay I realised that they didn't have this highly sought after Felted Tweed. I quickly whipped out the Blackberry and searched for the elusive yarn only to discover that over half of the shades I needed are no longer available! (turns out that I had pulled the pattern from Simply Knitting magazine in 2008) I made a snap decision to buy the closest matched Rowan yarn that Hobbycraft had and be on my way. It was a hard decision as the colours were all different and I wanted what was in the picture.

The same day I started knitting. I did the waistband which was now in a mottled dark grey colour and then changed to the main body colour... la la la

The following day, I wasn't 100% happy with my substitute yarn so went on a trip to John Lewis in Southampton. Yayyyyy!!! They sell the Felted Tweed!! :) and lots of it. Although half the shades are no longer available, the range of colours in this yarn created a kid in a sweet shop scenario and I matched the missing colours as near as I could with the above picture.

I then frogged everything that I had previously done and this is where I am up to so far...

Luckily the colours that they still had in production were the blue for the waistband, the fawn for the main body and the striking ginger

I love it and cannot wait until I am finished :) I'm tempted to go and get an extra of the blue and fawn though... just incase I run short and then find that they have changed their stock :s

What are you working on at the moment?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

What would you turn this into?

I recently purchased a remnant of fabric from a charity shop for a couple of pounds, which I think is gorgeous and summery. It makes me smile.

But I have a problem in not knowing what to make from it... and am open for suggestions.

Here is the fabric...

It is a creamy white with yellow, black and grey flowers splashed over it - obviously! and feels a little satin like but withou the brassy high sheen effect.

It is approximately 5ft x 7ft in size.

I can hand sew and have a sewing machine (although I am not too experienced on this yet!).

I am thinking of something to wear preferably. What do you think...?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Can you crochet?

I recently read a blog post that has spurred me to learn how to crochet...

Penny of Planet Penny recently posted on her blog about some mice that she crocheted from Nicki Trench's Super-Cute Crochet and I was visually 'hooked' :)

Oh so cute!!

I've got the book...

I've got the yarn and hooks...

I just need to teach myself how to crochet now :)

Two big finishes

I have been a busy bee lately at work and play but I have still found time to be crafty :)

For some reasons all of the crafty projects that I start appear to be mammoths!

Well in this past week I have finished two big projects - the 'big needle knitted throw' and the cross-stitched 'Lizzie*Kate Flip-Its'.

Here are a few pics...

I love it. It feels heavy and comforting and definately keeps you warm. For an idea of size that's a kingsize bed.

I used all sorts of yarn throughout... fluffy, sparkly, soft, textured, glittery, velvety.

And here are my 'broomstick' needles again :)

The other big project - the cross-stitched Lizzie*Kate Flip-Its...

I started this a long time ago but half way through the August Flip-It (the one with the sunflower) about 6-7 years ago, it was put in the craft box and temporarily forgotten about.

I think my favourite two months that I stitched were January and February because of the snowflakes and the colourings :)

Which are your favourites?

At the start of this year and due to one of my new year's resolutions, I re-discovered several crafts and projects that I had boxed up. A sudden thirst made me charge on to the finishing line and I am delighted to have finished these two big ones :)

What projects are you currently working on?