Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Can you crochet?

I recently read a blog post that has spurred me to learn how to crochet...

Penny of Planet Penny recently posted on her blog about some mice that she crocheted from Nicki Trench's Super-Cute Crochet and I was visually 'hooked' :)

Oh so cute!!

I've got the book...

I've got the yarn and hooks...

I just need to teach myself how to crochet now :)


  1. Hello Nicola,
    I'm so glad the mice have inspired you. Good luck, the 'how to' section in Nikki's book seems very good and it would be lovely to hear from you if you 'crack' it!
    love Penny x
    Planet Penny

  2. I've not learnt to crochet it keeps going on my mental 'to-do' list... these look so cute though!