Monday, 28 May 2012

Knitting To-Do list

Now that the Fawn-Cho is finished, I already had a next project planned.

I am currently waiting on some of the yarn to arrive before I can start, so am stop-gapping with ruffle scarves and a crochetted granny square quilt (they are both quick and I won't get bored!)

I wanted to show you a few things are on my knitting to-do list...

Oh my Bear! by Tiny Owl Knits
This is what I am waiting on the yarn for :)
I am in love with a few of the Tiny Owl Knits patterns (as you will notice below!)

Rams & Yowes by Kate Davies

The gorgeous Beekeepers' Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits
The only thing putting me off this is the fact that I will have to knit approximately 500-600 hexipuffs to make it big enough for the bed! oooo!

Hopsalots by Tiny Owl Knits

Sweet Robin Wristees by Tiny Owl Knits
- in memory of the robin chickadees :(

Cable sweater vest by Debbie Bliss.
I have attempted this once and frogged it.
I will try again as I love it!

Owl wrist warmers from the latest copy of Simply Knitting magazine

I often see things that I want to make and I will stick them in a folder but these are the ones I keep thinking about so they will be done first.

I also have a variety of other things to make too. Including cross stitch, latchwork cushion, crochet mice, etc...

Not forgetting the Pincushion exchange and Handmade Heart Swap! (more on those another day)

Busy bee!


  1. Hi N, LOVE the bear and the beekeeper's quilt. Can't wait to see how those ears progress! S x

  2. Hi Nicola,

    I'm your partner for the Heart Swap hosted by Mary. Please drop me a line at jenny{at} so we can swap details!