Monday, 9 July 2012

Bears and Puppies

Two happy things happened this weekend...

My friend down the road, her labrador gave birth to six gorgeous black puppies. Four boys and two girls very early on Saturday morning and I was called on to help :)

Just after number four...

Hard to see but all six are here with mum...

The last pup out (a boy) was considerably smaller (half the size) of all the others and he wasn't feeding. We managed to help him to latch on and eventually he started squeeking like the others, it was looking good. Unfortunately the little one passed away early this morning :(

And, the bear! (no not Rigby!)

On Saturday evening I finally finished 'Oh My Bear!' by Tiny Owl Knits.
I love it! so snuggly and warm :)

What to knit next? well in the interim whilst I make up my mind I have decided to knit up some quickish christmas presents to put aside.

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