Friday, 1 March 2013

Knitting Up Service

I love my crafty hobbies...

I had a lightbulb moment and want to turn these into more of a enterprise :) something I can enjoy and make profit from.

I understand that I probably will never make enough to give up the day job but small steps in the right direction are needed.

If I can introduce you to my new page on the blog Knitting Up Service.

Go on have a read... and take a gander at some of the items I have made from jumpers to animal hats to the SnowDog.

Who knows how this will pan out but it is something that I want to give a go.

The SnowDog was my first commissioned piece and I am currently working on some knitted leggings for a London fashion student :)

If you would like something knitted up please do drop me an email

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