Saturday, 24 December 2011

Buttons Galore!

So, after seeing this gorgeous Button Christmas Wreath featured on Kat got the Cream's blog and made by Rosie Scott-Massie, I started to feel all crafty.

I went on the hunt for buttons!

I was actually quite surprised at the lack of buttons to be honest. I scoured the charity shops and even dry cleaners to no avail :(

I raided my wardrobes and drawers and located several items that were never going to see the light of day again and I proceeded to reach for the scissors to gleam the little nuggets.

I then remembered that my mum had a large jar of buttons... I got my handa on said jar and handpicked some lovelies.

I felt a Christmas Wreath was a little ambitious as a newbie so thought I'd attempt something a little simpler - a bracelet...

Using some clear elastic thread I set about lining my chosen buttons in the order to thread and voila, bracelet numero uno!

I'm not sure and the jury is out still but I'd say not bad for a first attempt :)

This whole experience has taught me something though... I want my own button jar!!

1 comment:

  1. It's lovely! I constantly walk round shops thinking "I could make that". Of course I never do though.