Monday, 19 December 2011

My tropical aquarium

When we were younger I always remembered dad cleaning the tropical fish tank and I loved staring at the Neon Tetras, mesmerised by their colours :)

So I decided to get a tank...

I managed to get hold of a 21 litre hexagonal shaped tank, nice and compact, with everything I could possibly need - stones, filter, heater/thermostat, plants, ornament! good to go!

But I had a book too and I had been reading all about tropical aquariums and the 'water'. Measuring the ammonia, nitrates and nitrites, oh my oh my! :o not to panic Mr Manwaring!! deep breath and carry on :)

So I 'cycled' my tank and all levels were present and correct. And here she is in all her glory...

So I set off to the pet shop ready to purchase some occupants :) and this is what I got...

Two male fancy guppies - Sunshine and Starburst :)

Two Oto's (midget catfish) to do some cleaning;

And my favourite... the Neon Tetras (childhood revisited!)

I could sit starring at them for ages. They are so relaxing and definately all have different characters :)

I have lost a couple of the Neons but this was to be expected as I read afterwards that they are not too hardy :( hey ho

My only regrets... NOT GETTING A BIGGER TANK!!!!!!!!!! grrrr

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