Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Its all in the name...

Have you ever found out what you name means?

I vaguely remember learning about names when we were at school and Victory sticks in my mind but after a little day dreaming out the window, I googled 'Nicola'.

Here is what Wikipedia told me...

Nicola is an ancient (but still very common) Italian personal name (from the Greek and Byzantine Νικόλαος) derived from Nichos meaning "victory," and laos meaning "people," therefore implying the meaning "winner of the people." The English form of the same name is Nicholas.
Nicola was a frequently given male personal name among the traditional Italian nobility, and was used often in the Middle Ages. In the UK, Poland, and Germany, the male form Nicola has been used as a female name, which originally came from incorrectly presuming the name's vowel ending 'a' was the female form, as has also occurred with the male given name Andrea (also an Italian male personal name from the Greek meaning 'manly.') The female form of Nicola in Italian is Nicoletta.

Ah my memory serves me well! I am victorious :)

What does your name mean?

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