Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Tweet Tweet

Ever winter/spring we have a lone Robin who flies around our garden. Well imagine my surprise when in the garden a couple of weeks ago and two Robins perch side by side on the fence.

Robins make me smile.

And at the moment I am beeming, as the pair of Robins have chosen our tiny garden to nest!!

We have five Robin chicks!
(nesting about seven foot from our backdoor in a climber on the side of our shed!)


Mum and Dad take it in turn to feed the chicks (which appears to be constant!!)

The chicks must be about 10 days old now. Their eyes are wide open and they have fluffy feathers. You know when they are being fed by the squawking that comes from the nest!

I am not sure how long before they try and fly but I do hope that all five survive.

I feel honoured to have a bird choose to nest in my tiny gardens but for them to be Robins makes it extra special! :)

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