Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

These are fabulous!! I had a Cookie Monster teddy when I was younger (not sure where it is now though - probably hidden away in the parent's loft somewhere) but last time I saw it, you could still make out the remnants of biscuits where I had repeatedly rammed them in his mouth pretending that he was eating them!! haha

Someone on twitter posted a picture of these cakes and then passed my the recipe link.

I am planning to make them at the weekend but if you want to beat me to the kitchen here's the recipe...


  • 12 Cupcakes (shop bought or homemade)

  • Frosting
  • The frosting is a vegetable shortening and icing sugar mixture. You could use butter cream but the frosting is pure white and colours beautifully. You would need to double the buttercream you usually use for 12 cupcakes

  • Blue colouring - use a good one for the best colour

  • Coconut - dyed blue to match the frosting

  • 12 Choc chip cookies

  • Melted white and dark chocolate to make the eyes.

  • Method:
    1. Use an icecream scoop full of frosting to get the right shape and then dipped in it coconut. Press the coconut on and tidy up the shape.
    2. When the frosting has firmed a little cut a slice out near the bottom and push a cookie in (you may have to trim the cookie little depending on the size of your cookies). Or make his mouth further up and put cookie pieces around it.
    3. The eyes are made by using melted white to make a circle and then dark chocolate in the middle. Don't make them all exactly the same - it adds a bit of character to the finished cakes!
    4. Simple - very messy and lots of fun!
    Reading the recipe, it's a little vague but I'm pressuming that the 'frosting' is made up by mashing and mixing the cupcakes with the butter cream mixture... what do you think??
    Anyways, they look great :)

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