Wednesday, 29 February 2012

So pretty!

A handbag is a vital part of any women's daily routine, I would even consider it a kind of security blanket in some respects.

Looking at one of my favourite handbags this morning, it prompted me to do this post and question 'what is in my handbag?'.

My bag of the moment is the Cath Kidston Briar Rose Day Bag...

I love it! I am definately a big bag girl and the thing about this bag is that it is like a tardis :)

It is crammed full of essentials that I need throughout the day, still with room to spare. Here are the basics...

Cath Kidston Candy Flower Green purse, Bath flowers pass holder, varierty of make-up, deodorant, my favourite perfume - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, tissues and leather gloves (it is cold in the mornings you know!)

In addition to the above pictured essential items, I also carry around the following:

- my keys
- my Blackberry
- earphones for Blackberry
- scissors
- sellotape
- pritt stick
- couple of pens and highlighter
- mini sewing kit
- spare bracelet and earrings (in case I need to instantly change my look)
- standby chocolate
- inhaler
- spare neck scarf
- couple of memory sticks

There is often further additions but I would consider all of the above as permanent residents in my bag.

There are a multitude of sneaky pockets and zips in all Cath Kidston bags which I love. Everything has to have a place in my life and to have a bag that enables this too is fantastic!

I would like to thank Cath Kidston for their creative and practical bags which makes going about my day-to-day activities a lot easier whilst being fashionable too!

So what kind of bag to you use and do you carry as much as I do?

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this review and all photos are my own.

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