Friday, 3 February 2012

Two buses...

Well not quite buses, sewing machines instead... let me explain.

Some of you may know that I got myself a little sewing machine a few weeks back which I must say does the job required.

But at the time, I was also keeping my eyes peeled and hunting on ebay, freecycle and in charity shops too for a bigger, sturdier and more substantial piece of equipment.

Everything on ebay was going for more than I wanted to pay, the charity shops were dry and there was nothing occuring on the freecycle groups.

Then one day last week out the blue I had an email pop up on the blackberry. This email was a freecycle listing alert. It read 'Singer Sewing machine...'. I didn't ask what state it was in, what age it was or whether it even worked... I just said 'Can I have it please?' as quick as my fingers could type.

The nice people - Chris and Jules - replied straight away saying it was mine and could collect when I liked.

When I found their house, they kindly invited me in and told me that it was her grandmother's but it was taking up room and they were never going to use it and didn't even know if or how it worked.

They produced the sewing machine upon which I desperately tried to contain my squeals of delight and try not to jump up and down with excitement.

And her she is...

Original cover/case (no damage at all) and the original key on a little bit of string... can you imagine my excitement?? (nearly wet my pants!)


And I discovered a sneaky hideaway with all these little goodies too :)

The only downside is that I'm not quite sure how to use it yet! There is a serial number on the side though - EG158798 and from the Singer website I have managed to get a certificate confirming that it was made in 1950. Not as old as what I thought but that doesn't matter at all, tis lovely! not sure how to track down the right instruction manual though... any suggestions?

Then... on Wednesday morning whilst waiting to get into work, I was browsing the t'internet on my Blackberry when another freecycle email popped up... 'Various household items, including... vintage singer sewing machine...' I'm thinking - MINE! prompt email sent straight back and I am collecting it this weekend!!! Again, not too sure what condition this one will be in but who cares right?!

I can't collect sewing machines though, can I?... the house isn't big enough :)

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  1. Wow, She's beautiful. It's a shame the sellers had to part with such a beautiful piece of family history.