Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fur coat sadness :(

So after finding my total bargain of a real fur coat on ebay, it arrived today.

I was so excited. I carefully opened the packaging and it was packaged well and the feel was glorious!

But... I lifted the coat up (obviously aware and expected the couple of splits on the sleeves that were disclosed) and to my dispair I discovered the the sleeves seem completely shot! Where the skin is so dry it is just cracking and spliting :(

Not sure if this is an over-exageration on my part but I'm not sure if they can be repaired, what do you think?

I have read how to repair and I was feeling quite confident with the couple of repairs that I was expecting but I am really not sure what to do now... the skin seems so dry in the sleeves it appears to just crack and come apart. Was thinking about some how gluing a separate material lining to the back of the sleeve's fur as I know if I stitch the splits another part will just go.

Has anyone had any experience with repairing furs? What would you recommend? I really don't want to have to take to a furrier as that is going to cost a bomb!

Help me restore this wonderful coat...

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