Thursday, 19 January 2012


I fear that my new year's resolution to be more thrifty has started an addiction!

I was working from home today and had to nip out to the shop at lunch and decided I needed a little scour of the charity shops. And once again this has left me with a truly fantastic hawl...

Next faux fur gilet. This is actually sized for a 10 year old but fits my size 8 frame perfectly. I love it!

Zara wool cardi.

F&F 100% cashmere sweater. I felt this on the rail before I saw it. A real snuggle sweater :)

I have a really thing for brogues at the moment and when I spotted these brand new grey Clarks ones for £4.50 I couldn't leave without them!

This wicker picnic basket was immediately ear-marked for my new hobby and storing my fabrics. I only have a small collection at the moment and its mainly made up of scraps and pre-cuts for patchwork and quilting but this basket does the job perfectly.


  1. I feel the charity shops down your way may be a cut above mine here.! No Jaeger or Boden stuff, just Primark and George LOL. I used to go to a lovely pub in Alton, great little place.

  2. Haha! This was in Lee. They had the usual George, Primark, H&M, etc too but I tend to scim over them :) spotted I really nice Russell & Bromley handbag but going to have a think about it :)