Thursday, 19 January 2012

Updates on January Monthly Makes

I had a slight panic at the weekend because I have been so busy and felt that I hadn't been crafting with the possessed-glaze that I had at the beginning of the new year. The difference being that I am back at work now and I work full-time. The last couple of week's have been a little full-on at work.

I have managed to finish the Cath Kidston Patch bag though...


I am quite please as this is the first thing I have sewn (bar buttons and odd repairs) in a long long time and I have to say that I really enjoyed myself. You may notice that I have substited the suffolk puff that is meant to be in the middle with a large blue button. I wasn't keen on the puff ;)

When I sat down to work on it I was amazed at how quickly it came together. However, when it came to sewing and hemming the actual bag I resided to the fact that I 'needed' a sewing machine.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or read my blog will know that recently got myself a small sewing machine. I wasn't sure what to expect about it's quality and what I will be able to achieve with it.

I can however say that I have had a little play with it on scraps of material and got a little frustrated to say the least! Not wanted to be defeated, a little browsing and research about using sewing machines followed on the t'internet. I learnt a few key things and attempted another dual. This time I came out the victor.

I have a project lined up and I feel that the Beldray will be a vital asset. With my love of Cath Kidston, I bought a bundle of mixed Cath Kidston fabrics already pre-cut into 4" squares. I am going to endeavour to make a feature for a quilt cover. I fear that I won't have time to complete this Make before the month is out though, so am planning ahead for a February make :)

In the meantime, my make is two-fold. I signed up to Me and My Shadow's - Take One Jumper Challenge and the produce is going to be part of my January Monthly Makes.

Now this was my first time at felting, so off I went and I found myself a 100% lambswool sweater from a local charity shop. I felt a little bad as its by Jaeger but I justified the planned felting of said sweater as ok because it was three sizes to big for me anyway and it only cost £2.99. So I proceeded to whack it in the washer on the highest setting, followed by a hot tumble - as per the instructions that peeps had given me and I have ended up with a sweater that would easily fit a six year old!! (and duly felted of course)

As I said, I am not going to divulge my plans for the sweater but will post them as I go along :)

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