Friday, 20 January 2012

Rest of my haul

I didn't want to overload on Thursday's thrifty finds as there were quite a few! So here are the remaining two and an ebay bargain too boot! (well shoe) :)

So here is the rest of the beauties offered from Costa Del Solent...

Now this is indeed a bargain. A brown lovely Russell & Bromley handbag. There is no strap though, so I will have to use it as a large clutch bag or I'm tempted to fashion something for it.

I love this scarf. I think the pheasants are brilliant! especially as I have a gundog an' all :)


And these beauts were located on ebay. I have been searching for a sturdy pair of brogues from a little while. I have a couple of pairs already but they were from New Look and not very substantial. These are very sturdy, are real leather and have a wooden heel. They are 'used' and although the leather is slightly softened there is no wear to the bottom at all.

Enjoy the weekend lovlies :)

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